Summer 2016

This summer has brought an exciting range of film work for Robert, particularly in the documentary realm. On the heels of scoring “What the Hell is the Presidency For,” a fascinating documentary feature about LBJ airing on the History Channel on July 2nd, Robert has embarked on four new film projects on a diverse range of subjects. “Future 38” is a zany period comedy that features time travel from current day to 1938 and all that goes with it, including an inventive 30’s-inspired score. He is also in the planning stages of scoring Eugene Jarecki’s latest documentary, “Promised Land,” which ingeniously juxtaposes contemporary American socio-political history with the biography of Elvis Presley. Finally, Robert will be scoring two documentaries, due out in the fall, that shine light on several important health crises. The first, titled “Not Without Us,” is about women’s role in the fight for a cure for AIDS, while the second is a bombshell about the discovery of nuclear waste in St. Louis and its devastating consequences.