Winter 2014

Robert’s arrangement of “America the Beautiful” for eight young American girls in eight languages (including English) premiered on the Super Bowl with a strong response on the internet starting almost immediately after the airing! Coke and Weiden Kennedy, through the special eye of director John Hillcoat, created (in our opinion) a sincere tribute to the beautiful diversity in the country, but certainly inspired a strong debate over the use of several of our vast number of immigrant languages. It will be interesting to see how this national debate develops.

Premiering during the Olympics this year is not only a 90-second version of the Coke spot, but a new spot for Walmart entitled “Lights On,” which communicates Walmart’s passion for putting more American factories and workers back in production. Also on the Olympics is another fun Coco-Cola spot called “ISS,” which features an American and a Russian astronaut watching hockey on a laptop until an unintentional spill of Coke has them floating through through the ship retrieving the drops that threaten the circuits!

Robert is now scoring Jon Hock’s newest ESPN film, called “1980” about the American upset of the Russian hockey team in the 1980 Olympics.