Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

This past fall Robert scored “Generations of the Game”, a short film about the history of baseball and the people surrounding. It was installed at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Copperstown as a permanent exhibit.

Robert teamed up with Jonathan Hock again for his film “14 Back” which chronicles the rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox and the historic 1978 world series.

Robert completed writing and recording for another UPMC campaign this fall at Abbey Road Studios. He scored a new Halloween M&M’s spot which is set to air every season for the next decade.

He is currently scoring Coup 53, a documentary by Taghi Amriani and Walter Murch, on the story of Operation Ajax, the CIA/MI6 staged coup in 1953 in Iran that overthrew Prime Minister Mossadegh.

Robert has scored five short films that will be released by Google as part of their "Girls In Tech Series". The collection of films feature women in science and tech roles and is directed all by women including Nikki Reed, Rosario Dawson, Lisa Edelstein, Julie Bowen, and Ana Brenda Contreras. 

The KING has received a Grammy nomination for Best Music Film.

Spring 2018

The new year has brought about many exciting new projects for Robert in film and commercial. He continues working on Eugene Jarecki's documentary film "THE KING", which screened at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. 

"Knife Skills", featuring Robert's original score, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.

Robert arranged an original version of “In the Hall of the Mountain King” for Winter Olympics Coca-Cola spot, “Mural”. This campaign marked the eleventh collaboration between Robert and Wieden+Kennedy creative director Hal Curtis. 

"The Wind Still Brings" premiered at the New York City Ballet, featuring music by Robert. At Carnegie Hall, "1964 The Tribute", Robert conducted a 15-piece orchestra to accompany the live Beatles tribute band featuring songs from the pre-Sgt. Pepper era. 

Mercedes launched a new campaign to be aired during the Masters Tournament. A spot from the campaign features an original virtuosic violin piece composed by Robert and played by Elena Barere.


It has been an exciting year for Robert, as he worked on many new films and commercials. He composed an original score for Rebecca Cammisa's "Atomic Homefront", a documentary that reveals St. Louis, Missouri's atomic past as a uranium processing center for the Atomic bomb and the families who were left to deal with the consequences. 

Robert crafted an original score for Thomas Lennon's "Knife Skills", a documentary short that follows the opening of a french restaurant entirely staffed by men and women recently released from prison. The film remains a contender at the 90th Academy Awards for Best Documentary Short. 

ESPN's 30 for 30 "Celtics/Lakers: Best of Enemies" explores the rivalry between the Celtics and Lakers that spanned across the decades, accompanied by a diverse and exciting original score. 

Robert also composed a thrilling original score for Netflix's original film "You Get Me". 

Stay tuned to hear what 2018 has in store!

Summer 2016

This summer has brought an exciting range of film work for Robert, particularly in the documentary realm. On the heels of scoring “What the Hell is the Presidency For,” a fascinating documentary feature about LBJ airing on the History Channel on July 2nd, Robert has embarked on four new film projects on a diverse range of subjects. “Future 38” is a zany period comedy that features time travel from current day to 1938 and all that goes with it, including an inventive 30’s-inspired score. He is also in the planning stages of scoring Eugene Jarecki’s latest documentary, “Promised Land,” which ingeniously juxtaposes contemporary American socio-political history with the biography of Elvis Presley. Finally, Robert will be scoring two documentaries, due out in the fall, that shine light on several important health crises. The first, titled “Not Without Us,” is about women’s role in the fight for a cure for AIDS, while the second is a bombshell about the discovery of nuclear waste in St. Louis and its devastating consequences.

Spring 2016

Exciting news for Robert this spring, as he has been nominated for a 2016 Emmy Award! The nomination is for Best Original Score for the ESPN "30 for 30" film, "Of Miracles and Men," directed by Jonathan Hock.

Meanwhile, Robert has just finished scoring his tenth and eleventh films for ESPN "30 for 30." Feature-length "Believeland" chronicles the perennial hope of Cleveland sports fans for a championship victory, while short-film "Gonzo" explores Hunter S. Thompson's ground-breaking journalistic inspiration at the 1970 Kentucky Derby. Both films are set to premiere on ESPN in April.

Also on the horizon is an exciting film project on Lyndon B. Johnson for the History Channel. Stay tuned for details!

Fall 2014

Particle Fever,” directed by Mark Levinson and scored by Robert, just received the Prix Grand Ecran award at Pariscience and the Best Film award at the prestigious Science Media Awards & Symposium in Boston, where Robert also received a nomination for Best Score for “Dark Universe,” which is on view at the Hayden Planetarium in New York.

In addition, ESPN’s 30 for 30 films received an Emmy recently due in a large part to films like “Survive and Advance,” directed by long-time collaborator Jonathan Hock and scored by Robert. Robert’s history continues with ESPN this fall and winter with two new films. The first, “Of Miracles and Men” is the story of Russia defeating the US in hockey in 1980 from the Russian players’ perspective. The second film depicts the story of 14-NFL-season wide receiver Randy Moss in his college days.

Summer 2014

Robert Miller has just picked up an AICP award for his music arrangement on Coke “It’s Beautiful” this past June. Additionally, Robert scored the moving documentary about the Brazilian Men’s national soccer team entitled “There is No Tomorrow” which aired right before the World Cup tournament on ESPN.

Among the scores in progress this summer are “The Earth Moves” by John Walter, “1980” by Jon Hock, and several new commercials, most notably, a funny commercial directed by Dante Ariole for Adobe called “WooWoo.”

Spring 2014

As of March 11th, 2014 “Particle Fever,” now playing theaters across the country, has the highest meta-critic score of all 140 films in distribution. The entire production team and group of incredible physicists involved in this project are needless to say very excited about this.

In addition, “Dark Universe,” the new space show narrated by Neil Degrasse Tyson is playing to sold-out Hayden Planetarium audiences and has also experienced rave reviews.




Winter 2014

Robert’s arrangement of “America the Beautiful” for eight young American girls in eight languages (including English) premiered on the Super Bowl with a strong response on the internet starting almost immediately after the airing! Coke and Weiden Kennedy, through the special eye of director John Hillcoat, created (in our opinion) a sincere tribute to the beautiful diversity in the country, but certainly inspired a strong debate over the use of several of our vast number of immigrant languages. It will be interesting to see how this national debate develops.

Premiering during the Olympics this year is not only a 90-second version of the Coke spot, but a new spot for Walmart entitled “Lights On,” which communicates Walmart’s passion for putting more American factories and workers back in production. Also on the Olympics is another fun Coco-Cola spot called “ISS,” which features an American and a Russian astronaut watching hockey on a laptop until an unintentional spill of Coke has them floating through through the ship retrieving the drops that threaten the circuits!

Robert is now scoring Jon Hock’s newest ESPN film, called “1980” about the American upset of the Russian hockey team in the 1980 Olympics.